Sunday, February 26, 2012

Life's Unfair;

You lay there, in a dark room.
And then you see a ray of light from the far end of the dark tunnel.
You're not sure if it's the way out, or just the train; the train which will crush you into bits.
Most of the times, it turns out to be the train.
You went towards the train; thinking it was the way out.
Crushed by the train.
Then, something around you start making you feel better.
Then it all starts again.
This time, you hesitate at first, but then decide to go towards the light.
Train, again.
The drama, and the cycle continues.
There comes a time, when you don't trust anymore.
You don't care if it's the train or the way out.
You just need to break free.
You're weak.
You can't take anything anymore.

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