Monday, January 2, 2012

Opening a new chapter. Farewell 2011. :'(

      Exactly about 23 hours back, 2012 started. Well, it did in India and I follow IST as long as I'm in this country. 2011 has been a hell lot of fun, probably the best year of my life. Yes, I said 'best'. I mean, it'll always be one special year of my life, 'cause the people I've met, the experiences I've had, the waiting for certain events (like Joe Jonas' album release), the growing-up, the having fun, the learning life, the taking the bruises without any word, the rebelling, the hitting back, and the 'kiss my ass' moments. ;)

      Well, this post was supposed to be written yesterday. For anyone seeing this in the future, I'm writing it on January 1, 2011. I'll probably tweak things and make this look like it was written yesterday, that's December 31, 2011. Or maybe not. I'll see about that in the end. Lemme get started if I haven't.

      Lemme see, I fear making this post shorter than I've thought writing about in it, as always. So, I'm not going to stop anymore for thinking what to type or making it grammatically correct and then ending up 'backspacing' it, so, the grammar formatting in the end. Let's just focus on what this post really meant in my head.

      Blogging is fun, hell lot of fun, 'cause you don't care what you type, 'cause you're saying that to the computer, and you know your computer isn't going to judge you on what you're saying, how you're saying..

      Coming back, let's try to flash-back to January 2011. I know it'll be hard for me 'cause I've been forgetting things too much, and as long as I remember, I don't remember a SINGLE day of January. Well, still typing this because of what I said above that I won't stop typing no matter what, I'm trying too hard to remember what happened in January. Oh, I think I've found something.. Won't interest you or me or anyone, because it's about the exams. Yes, I was in tenth, and as per stupid education system, we had to give prelims. So, that's it about January. I wish I could remember more. :/

      Now, it's time for February, the month I always confuse with November, and vice-versa. Exams this month too, so, nothing noteworthy this month too, except for the fact that I stopped giving tests in tuitions because I believe that you can't prepare properly for any of them if they're all at the same day, so why not not give them and perfect a single thing? Oh yeah, Ashish has his birthday in February, and because we were in tenth, there was not partying and so no noteworthy things here.

      Am I starting to sound like some emo-blogger? 'cause I don't want to be. I'm a pro, bitches.

      Oh, well, February 2011 will always have some part occupied in the 'memories' section of my brain, 'cause late night studying, playing CrazyKart as breaks from studying, and that's most of the day and at 2:30 am. God, how I miss those days. :( Jinesh, I'll always remember you becoming a pro before me in CK. You had an awesome computer, so it was obvious you win. My races started 2-3 seconds late always! :( No complaints about my computer, 'cause I had asked sooo much for it, and it's my first computer, it has made the most of what I am right now, so, this PC will have a special place for me too. I hope I can keep it forever, even though I'm not using it. Who knows, it might give me these old memories when I 'grow up'.

      Okay, here's some personal views while recalling the year that's gone, 'growing up'. We all wanted sooooo bad to 'grow up', didn't we? And now I bet you wish every week, well make it every month ('cause it's a bet) that you wish you were still a kid. Well, I wish, almost every two days. Life was much much much easier those days. No so-much-burden, having fun with every childhood friend. I'm being all nostalgic right now, so let's hop to what this post is written for.

      Now, now, now. It's March, the big-month all the students of tenth wait for. I waited too. Well, it was pretty much the same thing: late night studying and CK all along! ;) Then came the board exams, and they went great. Great as heck. And then came 21st, if I'm not wrong (I told you earlier that I'm forgetting things at the speed of light). The day of we had all been waiting for. A night out and partying at Ashish's place, him not giving me a charger and then next day me about to being grounded for maybe most of the vacation. :/

      Then came April, the bestestestestestestestestest month EVER! So much fun, so many new relations, so much travelling, so much awesomeness, all packed in one bunch. There was the starting of the month, when all we did was sit on computers all day! Then came 8th, the most memorable day of my life. Some know why, others don't need to know. Then it had to be fun all along. Sikkim tour followed.

      Sikkim tour was one awesome experience. I still feel like I want to go there every weekend and scream out all the life I have in me. I want to go back to Sikkim, and I'll be going anytime! Because that place is sooooooooo awesome, I can't even describe it in words.

      I think I've said all about my vacations in another post, but, still I'm going to go on and on about it again.

      Then, coming back, starts May. The month of all heck of computing with Siddharth. Man, I respect you too much. You're an amazing person! Not going deep into that, May was a month I was going through 'mixed emotions', and I would've beaten the shit out of that person if he ever did what he did again, but, lucky for him, he never showed up the rest of the vacation. Then I had a memorable 'photowalk' with Tushar, another great friend I made this year! :)

      Then came the results on June 2, 2011, and they were pretty much what I wanted all along. More than 85, but not more than 90. And the feeling you get when you actually get what you want. June then made me nostalgic about the vacation and the memories and I was getting geared up for the 'new beginnings'. A tough decision followed: "Science or Commerce?" I pretty much have had chosen commerce, 'cause sometimes I regret choosing science. But, there's when the other part of me kicks in and reminds me that everything my life is right now wouldn't have been the same if it were commerce. So, I stop regretting it for the rest of the time until I regret it back and the cycle continues.

      The school and tuitions and nothing new until Diwali vacations and Diwali was fun too. :)

      ^Heck, this post is becoming too long, and I fear this isn't even the half of it.

      How could I forget the first semester examinations of 'science'? -.-"

      They weren't as great, and I don't know how I managed to score as much as I have. And then came Diwali, and then came the establishment of TheGeekBros, where I don't post much as I feel too lazy to turn on my computer and type the posts: takes too much time. Night-out(s) during the Diwali vacation too, and that were pretty much awesome!

      Nearing the end of the year, I was eagerly waiting for Winter to show it's real self, 'cause that's my favorite season of all. Everything's so peaceful and cool, and all. I can go on and on about this season, but let's keep it for some other post.

      December, ah, the month of one of my fav. cousin's marriage, and that was on my birthday, so I should've been excited more, but honestly, you can't expect me getting excited about anything and then you can see me regretting all the moments that I wasted just because I am too arrogant. I look forward to change that attitude of mine as soon as possible. Then came the end of the year and all the fun. 2011 was a great year. I'll miss it like anything! :( :( :'( :'( ;'(

     Now, let's put an end to recalling all the months, and focus on something else. Let's say the experiences I've had.

     Meeting that special person, meeting new friends, fighting with besties, getting back with them again, fighting again, and the cycle of that continues. Having that desire to do something big, something really big. Well, that's a wish that didn't get completed in 2011, but, hey, I've progressed towards that and all thanks to Siddharth. One request, don't feel awkward because I've been mentioning your name many times, but, I really mean whatever I'm trying in this post.

     Let's change the topic again. Meeting new people. Well, okay, here's the deal. The special person, Siddharth, Tushar, Nisarg, my other cousins, new friends, starting a better friendship with Ankit, Dhairya, etc.

    Switching topics again, lemme write about the major obsessions and anticipations of the year: Joe Jonas' album release date. Windows Phone, many gadgets, people, relationships, friends, computers, music, English, Hollywood, having fun, living life more than getting buried in the books, having fun, having more fun, having even more fun, realizing things, deep thoughts, too-deep thoughts, insecurity, negative thoughts, and more. I'll put all of these in some bigger post one time, when I become all nostalgic again.

      While writing this, I've decided that I'm not tweaking the dates, so, be it.

      Well, we all have to agree that life's crazy, but it's OUR life, and we HAVE GOT TO life it to the fullest, enjoy every single moment of it. Scream at the top of your voice, fall in love, jump like crazy, dance like a mad person, sing like you're singing in a freaking concert, have fun, fight with people, punch walls, sucker-punch people, feel the breeze in your hair, feel the breeze all over your face, grow up, regret growing up, sit on edges thinking about nothing, sit on edges thinking about life, blog about everything, don't blog about everything, agree that you were wrong, try to do something better, believe in yourself, be a better person, desire for change, be happy and contented with what you have.

      One tip for everyone who're having 'mixed emotions' phases as often as I have them, or just have these phases: Have someone in your life whom you can tell everything to, and if you can, let the person be the person you love, and never go for one-sided love. It hurts like hell. :/ and if you don't have the courage to tell your feelings to real people, just open notepad or some other application, and type your fucking heart out and then take a heavy breath when you put the last full-stop. You'll definitely feel better. Why not let it be a person instead of notepad, a person who'll always think what's good for you? Notepad wouldn't do that for you, but a real person will. Always accept that you are wrong when you are, and try not to repeat the same mistakes again. Always try to think positive. I don't know what happened to me that I became so negative about things, but now that I've accepted that I was wrong and started thinking positive, things seem much better now. Life is awesome.

      So, fellow reader, try to live your life to the fullest. Enjoy like hell.

      Siddharth, you really are an awesome friend. We'll be GeekBros forever. ;)

      Ashish, sorry for all the fights. :) Forgive me?

      Akshay, friends again?

      Oh, and did I forget to write that I met Yashraj the first time this year, another great thing.

      Ankit, Jeet, and all of the other friends who've always been with me since I was a small kid, I know it's time for all of us to go and do something in life, but I'll always remember how I grew up, how I played with you guys, how I had fun with you people. You'll always mean a lot to me.

      Everyone else I couldn't mention in this post, but who've been with me this year, thanks a ton. I'll always remember you people. That's a promise.

      To my special person, thanks alot for always being there when I needed you. I know I haven't been as supportive and as good and as you expected me to, but you really mean A LOT to me, and I promise I'll make it up for that.

     Oh, it's been more than an hour since I had started typing, so it's the second page of the new chapter.

     Happy living. :)

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