Friday, March 13, 2015

Why I hate college (but love learning).

If you follow my Facebook posts, you’ll find at least one rant every month. The last few weeks have been crazy; I’ve never been more ambitious, I’ve never felt more energetic. But every time I schedule something that I’m going to love doing, an assignment spoils the plan.

Here are all the points I hate about college. (Almost all. A tired brain skips some points.)

Attendance. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: Make your classes worth attending, rather than making attendance compulsory. What if I understood that topic within two minutes when I read it online (curiosity!) last week? Why do I have to spend an entire hour listening to the same thing again, and again, and again, when I could channel that hour towards something productive? Nope, not acceptable. Did I mention that the teachers sometimes forget to put our attendance?

Okay, I’ll just read from this book while you’re teaching the thing I already know (or don’t know the topic it’s based off). NO! Okay, you’re teaching topic X, for which one needs to know topic Y. I missed the class when you taught topic Y, which is why I’m reading about that. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t understand any of topic X anyway, so wouldn’t it be better if I read about topic Y? I’m reading quietly with my head down, but you cannot stand that. You could let me sit in the library, but then ATTENDANCE!

Introducing a new subject in the middle of the semester, with a ton of coursework to complete. Please don’t do this. Please. I was already stressed about managing my time, you didn’t have to make it worse.

Code on paper. Because screw logic. Execute code on the computer, write it on paper, AND get it printed. lolwut?

Goddamn assignments! Plug in your earphones, open the reference book, and initiate mindless copying.Tick, tick, tick, tick. “What’s your enrollment number?” I have no idea what s/he wrote.

Arrogance of teachers towards extra-curricular activities. “I don’t care about . That’s between the HOD and you, even if you have a permission letter.”

Doing something different in a different way than how the teacher knows it can be done. “You will get zero marks in the exam for this code.” Yes, it works flawlessly.

Keratoconus. In case you didn’t know, I suffer from a corneal disease called Keratoconus, which makes it really tough for me to read what’s written on the board, sometimes even from the first bench. (Yes, that is why I sit on the first bench.) This one’s not on the college, but why I find it extremely difficult to study in class. I’ll study 2x if I’m reading from a book, or from the internet because of this very reason.

And to add to that, teachers use marker ink like it is made of gold. C’mon! No one’s going to die if you refill your markers properly.

I’ve had countless arguments on why dropping out would be the best choice for me, because I know I can learn things without going to college (hello, internet!), like I have done in the past.

I absolutely love learning. Most of the times, you will find me sitting in the corner, reading an article on my phone. (Because there are little things I find sexier than knowledge and good information.) I don’t hate studying, I just really hate studying at college. Formal education is not for me.

I received emails this evening containing assignments of two subjects, due next week. Good bye, weekend development plans!

Until yesterday, I used to say that IF I ever got my hands on a time machine, I would not use it; neither alter the past, nor the future. But starting yesterday, I’m looking for a time machine that would let me talk some sense into that kid (who resembles me way too much) filling out application forms for college. Would you please let me know if you happen to find a time machine?


  1. This post was awesome. I am dropping out from the next semester. If you drop out (I know you won't) just let me know that you did. :P

    All the best for your upcoming projects! :)

    1. Are you sure about dropping out? Lucky!
      I may drop out any time, I'm really trying to develop something, and hope it picks investor interest, so I can convince my parents that it's about damn time I dropped out.

      All the best to you as well! :)

    2. I think you focus too much on academics. Just let it go for a while and concentrate on your project. I know you'll have a damn awesome idea in your mind!

      Good Luck! :)

  2. Ah, story of I guess so many students! I don't understand why dropping out in India is considered as a curse, when you can leverage the same time you have wasted copying assignments and studying things you never gonna use in your life or is too old for the day to learn new things or at least know what's actually tue current scenario out there in the world.

    P.S. Umang, you have a bright future believe me. Just hang in there buddy.
    - Your well-wisher.

    1. Thank you so much for those motivating words! :D

  3. true feelings of an enthusiast learner who is stuck somewhere among these kinda colleges(#WasteOfTime)(80%)..:P !

  4. Its the lament of almost every Indian student who thinks our education system doesn't provide room for growth or overall development. And convincing parents in favor of dropping out is not so easy! Still if you have a chance you should go for it.

    PS: really good one! :)

  5. And you also forget to mention about competition between faculty 'who can speak baddest english '

  6. And you also forget to mention about competition between faculty 'who can speak baddest english '