Saturday, May 14, 2011

Phishing, Eminem, and much more.

Hey. I know, I've not been into blogging lately, but all I wanted to do is just put many things together in just one post, yupp. So, here it goes - First of all, one of the reasons why I wasn't into blogging is my trip. Yeah, my trip. Gangtok, Lachung, Pelling, and Darjeeling - Everything was just awesome. And yeah, honestly, I miss it, and even more after watching the Vanilla Twilight music video. The second reason is that I felt tired to write this as I knew this is gonna be long, but who cares when you can type at 50 WPM (Words per Minute)? And, the final and the third reason, blogger was into maintenance yesterday, and maybe the day before. I'm so into Eminem's songs, like I listened to only them while I was in train, and now, he's the only artist I'm listening to, even after half a month. I wanted to take revenge on some people, and I did many things to accomplish it. Yeah, I'm a hacker, right? Two phishing pages, out of which one was a simple page, while one is a whole website I coded in just one evening. (Yeah, I'm bragging.) The site was a success, but it failed to gimme the details of whom I wanted, because the person didn't log into that site. And after I went around searching for ideas, I got many of them, while Tushar's was the only one which I worked on. Yeah, 'be aggressive'. Yupp, I am, and I am gonna punch your face if you mess around. And honestly, Eminem's songs even help a lot in these situations, and I want to make a cover of them, but I'm too lazy. Been through a lot of things lately, so, I don't give a shit about anything now. I have two personalities, one with the good ones, and one FOR the bad ones. This is going on facebook too, and I'm gonna tag the people who I'm talking about in this post. And yeah, I just discovered that Ashish is coming on 24th, two days late. -.-". I'm pretty bored, and there isn't anything to do, except sit infront of the screen the whole day. Jinesh's PS2 isn't working even. Friday the 13th was yesterday, so I guess it matters. No, I really don't. I'm not superstitious. Gonna watch movies today, as the channels had to air all of the good ones on just one freaking day. I'm anxious, but that's me. I can't wait for 15th June, Bad meets Evil's EP release date. I miss school, but that's just me. I'm not scared for the result, and that amuses many people out there (My mom, not my Dad). So, I want to type more into this 'cause I'm bored. And yeah, my blog turns 6 months old today, and tommorow, it's going for AdSense. Yeah! And this isn't what I wanted to type into this one, but what I wanted to type is too much long. Shoot!

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