Sunday, June 19, 2011

To New Beginnings

So, it's been over a month since I last blogged, and it's less than 12 hours when I officially start another academic year (Well, a new year for us students is a new academic year, and not 1st Jan). This summer's been totally crazy, and I'm proud to say that I'm wiser than I was. Well, last moments, and I'm going to share everything that happened this summer. Well, not everything, but those things I can share. ;)

Last few days of March: Well, those days had been totally crazy, 'cause that air of freedom had enthusiasm enhancing things in it. Hangin' out with buddies was the only thing I did, except for some things I thought for the coming days.

April - Beginning: Well, April began with a bit of movie shooting/recording. Well, the crew/cast fell apart after some time and everything was over. Then, started hangin' out with Ankit a bit, while I was still hangin' out with my old buddies. Being happy was another thing during and after the bunch of these days. ;)

April - Mid: These days, weren't extra-ordinary, just that old hangin' out, and building the minimum possible excitement for the tour I had in the coming days.

April - End: Well, I'd been to Sikkim and Darjeeling in the last days of April, and it had been a hell of memories, most of them being good. :) Enjoyed them to the fullest. :)

May - Start: Well, I don't exactly remember what I did that time, but most of these days went in boredom. Oh, except some misunderstandings and regaining what was misunderstood. ;)

May - Mids: Well, copy the things what I wrote above, except for the last sentence.

May - Last days: Well, the anxiety I had for results is indescribable. These days were on with a lot of important decisions to make, while hanging out with Ashish after he returned.

June - Start: Well, it all started with the result dropping on 2nd, and it was all I expected, nothing less or more, so, that explains why I ain't dropping any parties. Well, from here starts the track of what I can say the most affecting thing of the summer.

June - Next days: Well, everything was going bad, and boom, the second/third week of June drops things on you you never expected to happen. Well, it's all done for now, so, it's better I don't talk about it. Tuitions started during these days, and they've been kinda fun. #MixedEmotions the most in these days.

June - 19th: The night I'm writing this post. It's exactly 10:15pm in my computer's watch. Today's been a superb day. Discovered many new things, had a recap of all of the feelings and #MixedEmotions during the summer in the last 3 hours I had been to the farewell. And yeah, made a superb music playlist today, except for that Bollywood shit I was forced to put on it. Everything's sorted out, and I'm excited for tomorrow. :)

Well, this summer's been a crazy time. Writing songs, getting addicted to rap, feeling them, hacking, and discovering an Eminem inside of me is what I'll remember the most.
The last few days have been kinda messy, too.
#MixedEmotions is a thing I've experienced the most this summer, and thanks to Dhairya to give me that word.
I've even made many new and nice(r) friends. Tushar, that photowalk with you was memorable. :)
And Rahul, we have been going through the same things the whole year, and we are going to make it right! I fell you, bro! :)
Sid, I'll never forget all of the computing we did! :)
So, like every post of mine, I ended up writing lesser than I had thought of writing. Cheers to everyone. :)


  1. guess u did some productive work ! carry on jani .. waiting for ur first singles :P :P

  2. damn dude... thats,well, okay, i dunno wat to say. but u totally 4got da part about me disturbin u on da 4ne all nyt long... lol, i mean, i had fun... but anyway. and seriously, hav u got a new chic or not? anyway, awesome blog.
    sincerely, your crazy cousin.