Sunday, April 3, 2011


So, it's a great moment for India, as the guys playin' for India have bagged the World Cup for us. And probably, they have made me a 'cricket fan'. So, I've developed a liking for watching and playing cricket lately. And what I observed is, I'm totally bored today, and I'm gonna switch to playing CrazyKart today. So, I still don't know if Jinesh is gonna bring that 256/80 GB pendrive or not, or probably, I'll have to but an external HDD for myself. Or probably, I'll upload everything to my 25 GB space of SkyDrive. I still haven't started making covers of songs, but I'm gonna probably start it anytime. Last night, I went to Summair Sports Club to watch the match on big screen, and that's where I screamed for cricket for the first time, except for those times when I'm playing outdoors and my team wins. And after that, went out for a drive with my family, to find out the biggest traffic in our city. Man, this summer's the awesomest until now. Ashish may be returning today and we're gonna start making 'those videos'. Stay Tuned.

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