Thursday, March 31, 2011


So, I've been sitting sideways on my computer with my headphones plugged, or rather put 'on' in only one of my ears, 'cause that's the way I like it when It's silent everywhere, and the keyboard on my lap, and right now, Airplanes by B.o.B is playing on my PC. Lately, I'm becoming irritated by this freaking nearsightedness or what they call myopia. I'm thinking of going to the Doc, but I think I don't prefer glasses, and I can't have a LASIK until I'm 18, so, I had decided to search Google for some remedies, and what I got on the first link was, a blogger or some kind of person who was trying to sell a book.. Seriously, who would even pay 30 bucks for it. Anyways, I've linked my Blogger and facebook together, so that every blog post of mine gets exported as a note on facebook. So, if you're probably seeing this note, it's a blog post on . Ah.. The song changed and it's again of B.o.B, with his signatue 'Aha Aha' at the start.. My social network, isn't getting any hits lately.. GUYS, I need you to join it. And I just saw a video on YouTube about 'How to Cyber-Beg' and probably, I'm gonna try it. I'm gonna make a 3D model of my house to put up on Google Earth (I've completed much of it and it's just a tiny-bit that's left), hack into a friend's facebook, watch movies, watch my downloaded 90210 episodes and download some more. And most of all, I'm gonna roam and get fat!! I'm thinking of even learning some of coding basics on the internet, as I've got a simplified website. A friend of mine commented that I just 'pretend' that I don't like Bollywood music, but it's not true - that's what I told him. Seriously, is it a 'good music' when you mix that 'table' with some 'bass'? I confess that the only soundtrack I like is of 'Rock On!', 'cause it's got 'drums' with bass, and it's ROCK!! It's April 1st tomorrow and I'm gonna change the pages of the newspaper except the front and the back one if I get up early.. We were even gonna record some videos if Ashish Bhagde was here, but, we'll do it on April 3rd or April 4th when he's back. Anyways, Happy April Fools, and this is probably the longest of my blog posts.

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