Sunday, February 23, 2014

A package of inspirational quotes for your desktop!

I’ve seen pictures of posters having inspirational quotes stuck on the walls of workplaces of tech giants and since the very first picture, I decided that I’d do it too when I have mine. It wasn’t too late until I realized that it takes a lot more to be one of those tech giants who have their own superb-looking workplaces. So I thought, why not do it while I’m working on my way there. It wasn’t until last week that I was adding posters to my cart on an online-shopping website that it hit me that I’m not sure at what place I’ll be sticking those, just because I thought that I’m not home 80% of the year and they won’t stay intact in my room at the hostel for a month.

Are you sure you want to remove all the items from your cart? YES.

Turns out that most of the time I’m productive is when I’m on my computer, so it would be the best to have something like those posters visible to me when I’m actually productive. Hmm, I don’t have a specific place I use my computer on. Sometimes it’s the bed, sometimes it’s the desk and the others it’s someplace random I find comfortable lying at.

A quick Google search and I had about a hundred inspirational quotes to myself. I had this desktop wallpaper that was minimalistic as well as visually appealing to me. Why not put the quotes right here on the desktop instead of having posters. You can have a hundred wallpapers and they wouldn’t take as much space as a hundred posters would.

The minimalistic desktop wallpaper I used to have.

Looked through the list of the quotes I had and trimmed them down to seventy of those which weren’t too long and were actually inspirational. Next thing I know, I’m typing those off on various Photoshop files. So, I have to myself 70 wallpapers full of inspirational quotes.

Next thing I had to do is to have Windows automatically change the wallpapers one by one. If you go to the Personalize menu by right-clicking on your desktop, you’ll see a Desktop Background option on the bottom. Hit that and change the Picture location to the folder where you have stored all those images. Select all seventy of them, set the Picture position to fill, set the time for changing the pictures, select Shuffle it you like randomness like I do, and deselect the When I’m using battery power,... option and hit Save changes. Voila, you’re done.

Where do you get all those wallpapers, you ask? Well, they’re right here: 70 Inspirational Quotes’ Wallpapers. The file is a ZIP ~5.35MB in size and the resolution of the wallpapers is 1366 x 768. Extract the file in some folder and follow the steps mentioned above and you’ll have a nice background that’s bound to energize you over time.

Also, I spent a couple of hours doing all of this. So, if you’d give the credit to me, that’d be great! Cheers!

Leave a comment down below if you’re experiencing problems with downloading/extracting the file or setting up changing backgrounds on Windows and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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