Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End Of Year: 2013!

So, it’s time for my end-of-year post again.
I’m typing this on the 17th of December, because I have exams from tomorrow and I’ll be pretty busy for the next couple of days. So, there’s a lot of exciting stuff going to happen during the last two to three days of this year, and obviously they are not included in this one right now, I’ll probably add what happens after the seventeenth at the end of the post, when it goes live. Anyways, keeping up with the tradition, I’m not going to press the backspace key, except for the times I need to correct my typos.
Started the year with an eight-hour long CS game at Jinesh’s place. That was pretty awesome, we kept playing fy_showdown for like eight freaking hours! Too bad you couldn’t be there, Sanket. And obviously, I was pretty tired the rest of the day. I don’t remember much about January, except my cousin got married and I had a bit of fun with my cousins who came to attend the wedding. Oh, and we had a picnic in January if I’m not wrong. That was pretty fun. Oh, and I had another cousin’s wedding in January too. The food was awesome!
February had lots of studying and a farewell, which was fun too. No, not the studying part. I don’t remember much from February, probably because of boards.
March was the same. Board exams finally got over on the 23rd, but entrance exams began in April.
So, April. I had a month to prepare for my JEE Mains after my boards, unlike most of the people who opted for the offline test, who had exactly half the number of days I had. But, I was like yeah, okay, I’ll start studying one of the days. Then came the 7th, when I realized I don’t know enough shit about Mathematics. That’s when I started studying a bit seriously. Anyways, my JEE Main was done on the 23rd and I had my eye-operation on 24th. Or 25th. I don’t remember. But anyways, Iron Man 3 was getting released on the 26th, and I couldn’t watch it on the first day like I was hoping to ever since the dates came out. I could watch it after a week of my eye-operation and it’s awesome that my friends waited for me to be able to watch the movie so that we could watch it together. The movie was awesome, but the Mandarin twist was ehhh. I read an article a couple of days ago which justified the twist, but it still kills me that Tony destroyed all the suits and got the Arc Reactor removed.
I watched the movie in May, so we’re already there. I was prepping for two (actually three) more examinations that I was supposed to give that month in Mumbai along with Jinesh and Sagar. May also gave us results of most of the exams. That shit was pretty depressing. We started filling out forms for different colleges and stuff.
One particular trip that I’ll always remember is the one Jinesh and I made to fill out one form in Mumbai. We found out that we’ll have to go to Mumbai at around 11am and we left for Mumbai at 3pm. Reached the next morning, and it was raining cats and dogs over there. It was awesome! It’s super awesome roaming in Mumbai with your best friend when it’s raining heavily, until your phone gets wet mysteriously and the display stops working. We left Mumbai the same evening and were back home the next day. That was one heck of a trip, man!
So, anyways, back to stuff. Jinesh was going to Manipal, Sagar was going to LPU, Sanket was going to Marwadi and me? I just wanted to leave this country. But that didn’t happen, and I went to Marwadi for two weeks and then I got Baroda during the first week of August.
Mom and dad dropped me off at the place I was staying at as a paying guest. 5 minutes after they left, I realized that I’m all alone in a new city. Well not technically new, because I had my eye operations in Baroda itself and have visited it a couple of times for the follow-ups. So anyways, I still wanted to go to Ahmedabad, but then the admission council decided to go nuts and made the fourth reshulffing round offline. Screw you for that, ACPC! >_<
I was missing home like crazy. I’ve been on lots of trips without my parents, but I never felt homesick. Why was I feeling homesick now, I asked myself. After all, this is what I wanted, wasn’t it? No.
Got a chance to go back home during Rakshabandhan, all hail mass bunks! ^_^
So college starts from there and it’s half exciting and half boring. Nothing interesting to talk about there.
And yeah, I coded a website, http://umanggalaiya.in this year. It looked awesome at the time and now I’m getting bored of the layout. I’ll update the site pretty soon. It will be a whole different thing when you read my 2014 year-end post. Praanshu helped me make the site look a bit more appealing, thanks for that!
I forgot to mention about a trip I made with Jinesh, Sanket and Sagar, which was pretty awesome as you’d expect. Rain made it better. It was dope, can’t wait for the next one.
I meet Sanket every time I’m home, I met Sagar during the Diwali break, and I’m gonna meet Jinesh as soon as I get home.
So yeah, Diwali. What month was it during this year? November. I skipped over some months, because there wasn’t anything interesting that happened during that time. November was pretty awesome, mainly because I got to be home for some days and got to meet many of my close friends during the break.
Got to visit home on my birthday, and stayed there for a week. Came back here and it didn’t take a day to make me want to go back. I’m going home after 9 days, so that’s awesome!
Anyways, that’s the end of this year until the 17th of December.
I learnt a lot of things this year. There was a time I lost every bit of confidence I had and it took me a hell lot of time and efforts to get all of it back and get back to being awesome. I made new friends and made up with some I lost last year. Things can’t get any better right now. Except exams (._. )
I used to be the most impatient guy I knew and it’s kind of hard to believe that I’m not extremely impatient person anymore. I can’t say I’m completely patient, but I’m a lot patient than I was. Guess that’s one of the things being away from home has taught me. I’ll make a post about all the stuff that’s changed some time later, but soon. I’m also planning a post about Keratoconus.
So anyways, that should be it for this time. I’m considering blogging regularly, but if I don’t, you can always stay connected with me on my social networks. I’m 18 now, so Facebook allows you to Follow me, so do that if you’re not on my friend list. Follow me on twitter too, the links will be down below. Have a great year! J

I’m like a bottle of wine, getting awesomer with time.

Update: I'll be updating what happened after the 17th, quite a lot of fun.

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