Sunday, January 23, 2011

What the heck!

Are you serious? You get good marks, but can't do a single simple stupid thing. You have a good (dunno if it's true) family, but you still don't know the problems of life. You may have lived like a king, but really dude, I say that the day you're gonna step out, you won't be able to live there. I got better friends - Practical knowledge, Good Marks, and who know what the 'real life' is!

Dunno why, but updatin' your status for gettin' a 90+ score in a single subject gets your whole fam and some friends to comment on it that it's awesome. And I did it to. I got a good score than last time, and I updated my status that harder papers and better percentage make me happy. You need to grow up. I don't care if you're looking at this and think of hating me!

Honestly, I got about 4-5 likes on my update. But, none from my fam. I got a like from a very very good friends of mine. I believe him. Because he is a childhood friend of mine, and he has the capacity of achieving.

So what if you have a mini movie theater at your home? I can always download and watch movies from the internet. And I bet you don't know how to do that. You copy my style. You copied my RokStarr, I didn't mind. But this time, you went a bit ahead. You copied the latest style I had. You updated the status the same was as mine. Hey fellow reader, I want you to comment on this post whether 'a.B' and 'A.k. are a copy of my 'U.g.' or not?

I believe writing what you feel is not a bad thing. Don't care if the person whom you're talking about leaves and starts to hate you. It'll filter out the friends from your list who do not accept their flaws. And honestly, you always give excuses, you want me to give you songs all the time. Am I your damn JukeBox? You steal my friends, I got better friends. I don't care this time if you leave!

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