Tuesday, January 11, 2011

'Cloud' based OS - A disappointment for me!

Seriously? Is all that news and all are worth for 'cloud' based OS? Had a recent 'encounter' with a cloud-based OS. It was a serious disappointment for me. Like, tomorrow is my exam. I'll go to sleep in max 7 hours from now. I have 15 chapters + Grammar to prepare - All because of the stupid OS.

You cannot run windows apps, you cannot run windows apps? Dude, do you know that most of the computers don't even seem like computers if they don't have windows apps running on them. It's like, these 'cloud's are good only if they are run on netbooks - They're not worth even netbooks. It's like, you're on a long journey, bored, tired and the important - a noob -, and want to have a past time, you'll seriously throw away your notebook.

I seriously, destroyed almost 15-19 hours of my life, on destroying my computer. It makes me feel like WINDOWS IS THE BEST. Maybe, Google Chrome OS will be a better one, but, Google keeps postponing on it's launch. And the Chromium (Google Chrome) on the cloud - not like the one we use on the WINDOWS! The Devian-Linux based OS, which was also based on 'cloud computing system', will be responsible for my increased love for Windows and a dislike for the 'cloud's!

You get apps on 'cloud's. But those are of no use. I'm saved - I was to put it on my PC after removing my Windows. I would have to thrash my data (again). But, I'm SAVED!

I hope to get some more out of Google's Chrome OS. And I seriously wish that Windows must develop an OS, just like XP, just like Vista, and just like 7 - which also has a 'cloud' based interface, along with all the features Windows had. Maybe those 'cloud's are good only for Tablets, Smartphones and Netbooks.

I didn't even have so much problems when I first met Windows 98, or Windows XP, or Windows Vista, or Windows 7, or even MacOSX on my bro's MacBook Pro. But, this 'cloud' thing is a total sh*t for me!

And yeah, the icon on the picture is NOT a heart. It is the logo of the 'cloud-based', 'Devian-Linux' based OS I used, and the icon is on a piece of crumbled paper!

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