Friday, December 21, 2012

Doomsday Series: #2

So, it's already 21st in India. It has been 21st on the Earth since a couple hours, but let me tell you this: MAYANS DID NOT HAVE TIME ZONES.

So, the apocalypse might be coming after a couple of more hours, or maybe it has been completely averted. I hope it's the former one; maybe 'cause I've had not-so-good days recently.

Yes, I still believe there won't be an apocalypse, but I want one. I really, really, really want one. Would wipe off the stupid humanity, wouldn't it?

Let's picture this: There has been an apocalypse. But, still Earth wouldn't be the same it was when life began, or many, many stages later (When there were no humans either. Only aquatic creatures.). Because there are nuclear reactors lying everywhere. Would be dangerous in case there's an apocalypse, wouldn't it?

But, there would be the start of a new world, hopefully better. Just as we discovered Atlantis, the next world would discover the world that we live in, 'cause everything that we've built isn't degradable at all. Well, maybe because of nukes it might degrade, but not the whole concrete jungle.

Fingers crossed, looking for the signs of the beginning of the apocalypse. What about you?

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