Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Boring Exams

So, today was the first exam of my second prelims which was quite boring.. I mean, can you just survive giving tests all day? I was kinda bored too much. And I've got a news. I've been working on my own small social network. It'll only have people I know at the first level. If I knew how to and what is hosting and servers, I'd have created an awesome social network. Hope I can know what it is and start to work on my second 'sophisticated' social network during vacations. Oh, and by the way, my first social network is named Social Profiles and it'll go live any time on 21 March this year. Whether it'll be a success or not, I'll try to develop the 'sophisticated' social network, but first, I gotta get all the info on hosting and servers. Peace. And yeah, I forgot to tell, tomorrow is my Science and I haven't started learning a damn thing. I'm too bored of these exams and tests coming again and again. So, this blog post is the last task of mine on the computer, or rather the internet, and I'm goin' to look at what I don't know from the textbook. Wish me luck. :)

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